Well, recovering from pneumonia has taken the wind out of my sails.  I do want to share something that I read today.

Jesus prayed to his Father, I brought glory to your name on earth by doing everthing you told me to do.

John 17:4 (NLT)

Did you catch that! “EVERYTHING!”

I don’t believe Jesus is just speaking about His three years of ministry I believe He is referring to his entire life.  Remember, he stayed at the temple while the family packed up and left town.  And he was not running around the city trying to hitch a ride with anyone going His way home.  He was calmly sitting and teaching and that is all He was concerned with.

I Can”t say that I always do things, say things that will bring glory to God. I wish I could but I don’t. Like when my phone went on a vacation and didn’t invite me. I am not one to live on or having it glued to my hand. However, that day I was frustrated with my phone because I know no ones cell number except my hubby’s.  Thankfully we still have the Flinstone land phone.

I have often told my family “All phones on the table while we watch this movie. First, one to pick their phone up owes five dollars to everyone else.” I end up watching the movie alone because everyone suddenly has an assignment due.

But I have a beautiful example through the life of Christ.

Six months before our Sommer died I felt so connected with God like nothing I have ever felt before.  God was preparing me for something way out of my ability to handle without His preparation.

Jesus, sweet Jesus help me to do everything to bring glory to our Father’s name.

Peace is yours.


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