Still Waters and Restored Souls

I’m still recovering from pneumonia and the hypoxia. My family has gone back to school and work and I’m alone resting. The worst part of it is I have four to six months of recovery time. I asked my GP if I would be able to run a 5K I was training to run with my youngest daughter. After his head snapped around he said: “Are you running now?” He looked at me like I’d just spilled my marbles, “No, sir.” I felt like a 10-year-old. “Well, then, I wouldn’t recommend that.” He went on to tell me, “Listen to your body, I mean really listen.”

I am listening. And resting. I have no choice – my mind is strong but my body is weak. I need time and patience and before I know it my mojo will return.

Whilst I was in the hospital and was conscious of what was going on around me, I found my favorite television channel that shows a lot of westerns.

Big Valley, Bonanza, The Rifleman, Wagon Train. Along with Andy Griffith and some “70’s shows.  You know, the kind of shows that have action and a moral to the plot. When right was right and prevailed. Good guys wore white hats and bad guys wore black. The kind of show that openly quotes scripture and openly talk about God and His love and mercy.

I like that kind of show. Sure, some fighting happens and some characters get killed but you never see it, unlike today’s television.

When I was in the hospital I was surrounded by love prayers and loving nurses.  However, I was surrounded by God’s angels. I mean, angels with a wingspan longer than an American Bald Eagle. The kind of angels you want surrounding you.

Though I was quite sick I felt comforted. When God’s spirit spoke to me through Sommer’s voice, “Momma, it’s not time yet.” I became still and refreshed. My hold onto misery was gone and I felt a great hope in my heart.

“He leads me beside clear waters, He restores my soul”

Psalm 23:2-3

What an amazing God I serve. He takes time for me. He hears my prayers and the prayers on my behalf. He heard the cry of my family and answered their prayers to restore me to health and to return to them and not slip into the coma that awaited me.

He knows me by name and I pray He knows you by name. It gives peace to a tired soul.

In Christ Alone,


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