Happy New Year Y’all

Happy New Year!

The beginning of every New Year prompts some people to make resolutions.  You know the standard ones: I am going to lose weight this year.  I am going to the gym more often. I’m going to more productive at work.  I am going to learn to play the cello, do yoga, skydive, take a road trip to some National Park or maybe fall in love.  Some make financial resolutions. Saving more money.  Investing money or just using coupons.  I think I could do the latter if I can remember to take them with me to the grocery store.  See, set up for failure.

I am not into resolutions to me they are like diets I doomed before I start.  If I were to make a resolution it would be one on a spiritual level not one of my own doing.  Because the simple truth is, I fall short.  Every time!

Here are a few of my New Year’s spiritual resolutions:

I want to worship God more than just at church.  Why is worship important? First, worship is the program in Heaven.  Think about that all the saints that are in heaven are in constant worship of our Lord. Imagine that!  What a beautiful image that is.  I can do that here right now today I might be 80 before I join our Sommer and the other saints so why not start today.  Secondly, worship is the purpose of creation.  True worship is any sincere expression intended for the Lord’s pleasure.  He created us for worship.  Worship!  It’s the program in heaven, the purpose of creation on earth.  When we worship Jesus in our grieve, we are reminded that not of this is about us-it’s all about God Almighty.  God will use empty places in our lives to draw our hearts to Him

I want to see God in all the major and minor circumstances in 2019.  I want to look at my “Lot” in life and see God in control and on the throne.  When we understand that He that is in us is greater than any temptation, trauma, difficulty which could come against us, we can move through life freely.  I want to live more freely.  As children of a sovereign God, we are never victims of our circumstances.

I want to learn more from the time I may spend in the valleys of life.  We all have had times on the mountaintop when we have seen things from God’s standpoint and have wanted to stay there, but God won’t allow us to stay there.  The test of our spiritual life is the power to descend.  We are built for the valley, for the ordinary stuff we are in, and that is where we have to prove our character.

I want to walk in faith.  When I lay a matter before God, I should trust Him so much that I am willing to accept His will and be obedient to the prompting of His spirit no matter what.  Forget about what others think or say; trust God unconditionally and He will reward my faith. I can rejoice in what God is doing in me through difficult times.

I want to get real with God.  God loves it when we are real and raw.  I want to be real with myself.  Be honest and be accountable.  Be real with others.  They see my flaws more clearly than I do.  Especially my family.  Get real with God.  He doesn’t want to hear repetitive words in our prayer time.  He wants honesty. He knows us better than any friend can.  He knows every thought.  Every action and reaction.  He knows our frustrations, pain, flaws, heartache.  He knows what words we chose to use before they are thought in our minds.  You may say “if He already knows what’s the point?” The point is He loves us.  He simply loves us, and we don’t earn that like a girl scout pin.  It’s free, He wants Heidi to be real.  The truth for me is sometimes being real scares me.  However, He knows that already so why not surrender it all to Him.  The author and finisher of our faith.  My will can be weak, but my faith grows stronger especially when I am real.

Those are my spiritual resolutions.  I trust God will give me the strength to finish strong.

His Beloved.


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